About Us

We are here to capture your story and edit it with your vision in mind.

From Daniel Benitez’ earliest years he grew up filming short home movies at the age of 8 and has not stopped since. Halfway into his senior year of filming and editing assembly videos, he shot his first wedding which sparked his desire to make memorable videos that loved ones could cherish for the rest of their lives. During college he majored in finance and shot a few wedding/marketing videos for friends and family, then about year into interning at a financial firm, he found himself more and more consumed with the art and business of videography. Daniel is now a full time videographer and is always trying to improve his work while finding it a joy to work with people and companies from around the world to produce such a meaningful end product.

 Our Style

We specialize in telling story through video. Our goal is very simple: capture the emotion and story of your vision or special day and edit it in the most moving way possible. This means capturing the most priceless moments of the day using the best possible movement, angles, and lighting. By signing with us you will have a piece of mind knowing your precious vision and moments will be cherished and relived in a way that you will love and be proud of. By not booking, you run the risk of having your wedding or vision covered in a way you are not excited about nor confident in. Your video could turn out looking staged and less cinematic than you had hoped.

Video Collaboration

Preparing for and editing is a meticulous process in which we work with you to create a memorable video for you. All of our videos are edited with the clients vision in mind to create a video that portrays the feeling of your vision. We post a first draft that is password protected to critique and make any corrections. We have had changes from, “make my skin better at :23” to , “please take the girl out at 2:34!” After making these changes the highlight reel is published for you to distribute however you please.

Other Professionals

We have great references and love working with great vendors! There are plenty of wedding professionals we highly recommend as we have been in the wedding industry for over 8 years.


Stay in touch

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