30 Scenes

While many videographers rely on their own creativity and intuition to determine what is important to you when filming and editing your wedding video, I want to make sure every person and detail of your wedding is captured beautifully and thoroughly in a way that is meaningful to you. Our 30 scene shot list is a compilation of organized footage I have made available for brides like you to visualize your wedding and determine what moments and people you want included in every scene.

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While we are capable of filming your wedding without any knowledge of your preferences beforehand, we prefer not to leave anything unclear. To better prepare us both for your wedding video, take note of who or what you may want included in these scenes.

  1. Venue Scenery

The venue scenery shots around the venue will set the scene. These scenes may include guests arriving, title shots, and guests enjoying features of the venue.

  1. Robe Scene

The robe scene shots will introduce the unity of the bridesmaids in the getting ready process. These scenes may include making toasts with mimosas, photographer taking photos, gifts from bride or a bridesmaid’s first look.

  1. Rings

The ring shots will artistically showcase the rings by themselves to accentuate the diamond and details.

  1. Makeup Application

The makeup application scene will introduce the bride getting ready with her bridesmaid’s watching. These scenes may include details of the makeup, bridesmaid’s interaction with bride, and close-up beauty shots of bride.

  1. Dress Displayed

The dress display scene will introduce the dress in an artistic setting with a bridesmaid tending to it. These scenes may include a bride’s maid walking up to the dress, fluffing up the bottom, steaming it, and feeling the lace/details.

  1. Dress & Accessories

The dress and accessories scene will show the finishing touches in the bride’s entire preparation with all her bridesmaids. These scenes may include tightening up the dress and putting on the shoes, necklace, earrings, and bracelet.

  1. Bride Alone

The bride alone scene will show the bride getting away from everyone to have a moment alone before she sees her groom. These scenes may include the bride walking out on the balcony, playing with her ring, gazing out the window, and beauty close-ups.

  1. Suiting Up

The suiting up scene introduces the details in the groom’s attire with his best man assisting. These scenes may include the groom putting on his shoes, tie, vest, cuff links, or watch.

  1. Groomsmen Activity

The groomsmen activity scene is to introduce the groomsmen interacting together. These scenes may include all the groomsmen getting ready, getting a drink, making a toast, watching a game, or playing golf.

  1. Groom Leaving

The groom leaving scene will show the groom leaving the getting ready location, or along away from his groomsmen. These scenes may include the groom walking by himself, reading a card, writing his vows, or receiving a gift.

  1. Entire Bridal Party Walking

The scene with the entire bridal party walking, will introduce the unity between both bridal parties with the bride and groom in an iconic location. These shots may include the bridal party laughing, interacting, and taking photos.

  1. Bridesmaids Walking

The bridesmaids walking scene will introduce the bridesmaids walking in unison in a nice location while showcasing their details. These shots may include the bridesmaids interacting and walking with detail shots of their hands, shoes, dresses and flowers.

  1. Groomsmen Walking

The groomsmen walking shot will introduce the groomsmen in suits and in formation to showcase their unity to support the groom. These shots may include the groomsmen standing in formation, walking, or playing a game.

  1. First Look

The first look scene will show the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time with directed shots taken after. These shots may include the groom standing alone, the bride walking, the groom turning around, and the couple hugging.

  1. First Kiss

The first kiss scene will help bring the story to a climax and mix in with the first kiss at the ceremony to show the bride and groom officially married and enjoying each other’s company. These shots may include the groom walking up to the bride, the couple interacting, laughing, dancing, and kissing.

  1. Alter Reenactment

The alter reenactment scene will show the details and emotion of the bride and groom’s interactions at from the ceremony. These shots may include vows being read, ring exchange, holding hands, and the first kiss.

  1. Ceremony Intro

The ceremony intro scene will showcase the guests arriving onsite and ushered to their seats. These shots may include the flower arrangements, guests walking to their seats, guests sitting down, and scenery around the ceremony.

  1. Isle

The isle scene will show all couples walking down the isle in sequence. These shots may include grandparents being ushered, groom and officiate looking down the isle, all members of bridal party walking down, and an epic shot of the bride walking down the isle.

  1. Live Ceremony

The live ceremony scenes will show artistic coverage of the ceremony events from different angles. These shots may include the vows, ring exchange, pleasant moments between bride and groom, family reactions, prayers, the first kiss, and walking down the isle as a married couple.

  1. Cocktail hour

The cocktail hour scene will introduce the cocktail hour spread with guests featured. These shots may include horderves being made, drinks served, guests playing games, or guests conversing.

  1. Reception Details

The reception details scene will set the scene for the all the events that transpire in the reception. These shots may include table cards, drinks being made, food being made, food being served, head table decorations, or centerpieces.

  1. Sunset Shoot

The sunset shoot scene will conclude the video with another romantic shoot to conclude the festivities. These shots may include a silhouette kiss, enjoying champagne, holding hands, walking, kisses, dips, or twirls.

  1. Grand Entrance

The grand entrance scene will show the bride and groom being welcomed by all their guests as newlyweds. These shots may include the mc introducing the bridal everyone, guests applauding, or family being recognized.

  1. First Dances

The first dances scene will showcase both the bride and groom dancing with their parents as well as each other. These shots may include the bride and groom dancing, guests watching, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, or the bride/groom watching.

  1. Toasts

The toasts scene will artistically show different guest reactions and bridal party members giving their toasts. These shots may include the best man toasts, maid of honor toast, guests laughing, guests applauding, or raising glasses.

  1. Cake Cutting

The cake-cutting scene will show the bride and groom cutting their cake in front of their guests. These shots may include artistic shots the cake my itself, couple cutting their cake, close up of knife cutting into the cake, couple feeding each other, or kissing.

  1. Slow Dancing

The slow dancing scene will show guests and multiple couples slow dancing during the anniversary dance. These shots may include the bride and groom slow dancing, kids dancing, or multiple couples slow dancing.

  1. Garter/Bouquet Tosses

The garter/bouquet tosses scene will show the bride and groom tossing their pieces to all the single men/women at the wedding. These shots may include the bouquet being tossed, the groom taking off the garter, and the groom tossing the garter.

  1. Party Dancing

The party type dancing will bring the energy of the video to a climax with the most energetic dancing from all the guests. These shots may include, DJ/band details, and guests dancing.

  1. Grand Exit

The grand exit scene will conclude the night and end the video. These shots may include, sparklers, fireworks, lanterns, or a dance circle.